GlotPress 1.0 “Bunsen Honeydew”

GlotPress IconVersion 1.0 of GlotPress, named “Bunsen Honeydew”, is available for download in’s Plugin Directory.
This is the first public release of GlotPress as a WordPress plugin, ​an alternative to the standalone version.


Between the initial commit and today’s last commit for the first plugin version 70 issues were solved and 86 Pull Requests were merged, a total of 352 commits.


Some highlights:

  • It’s a plugin! 😉
  • WP-CLI support
  • Integrated with WordPress’s user system
  • Easy installation through the plugin directory
  • Multisite support

For the first version the goal was to change as little as possible to get it working well. But still we had to remove some things in favour of WordPress’ API system. You can review the list of breaking changes in our wiki. If you have existing plugins for the standalone version take a look at this guide on how to convert them to WordPress plugins.


Contributors of this release: Aki Björklund, Alex Kirk, Andrew Nacin, Ashley Rich, Brad Touesnard, Chantal Coolsma, Dominik Schilling, Gabor Javorszky, Gilbert Pellegrom, Greg Ross, Iain Poulson, Ian M. Jones, Jeff Gould, Ryan McCue, and Samuel Sidler. Also, a special thanks goes to Hugo Baeta for the great logo!


If you want to follow along or help out, check out our repository on GitHub.

#release, #wordpress-plugin