The Manual

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1.1 Overview

GlotPress has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, however translation is not a simple task and some details may not be obvious to first time users.

This manual will fill in the details for first time users and more experienced users alike.

The manual is intended for GlotPress as a WordPress plugin, however many of the general concepts work in both the plugin and standalone installations.

The manual contains 14 sections:

  1. Overview: This page
  2. Installation: The basic steps to install GlotPress
  3. Configuration: Some configuration items to check before using GlotPress
  4. General Overview: A general overview of GlotPress
  5. Users: How GlotPress works with WordPress users
  6. Admin Users: How to create admin users
  7. Accessing GlotPress: How to access GlotPress on your WordPress site
  8. Creating a new project: How to create a new project in GlotPress
  9. Project Actions and Translations: What you can do now that you have a new project in GlotPress
  10. Translation Sets: How to manage translation sets in projects
  11. Editing a string: How to actually translate a string
  12. Locales: Viewing projects by locale
  13. Glossaries: Using Glossaries
  14. Your Profile: Editing your GlotPress profile