GlotPress 3.0 Release Schedule Change

We previously targeted the GlotPress 3.0 release with the following dates:

However that was before some other small project decided to do a 5.0 release on the same day as our beta 😉

To avoid conflicts with that release and the holidays, we’ve decided to move the GlotPress 3.0 release to the new year to make sure we deliver the best release we can.

So, the new dates will be as follows:

Meeting Time Change for DST

Maybe one day we won’t have to do this, but until then we’re updated out meeting time for daylight savings time.

The weekly meeting will now be every Thursday at 17:00 UTC (noon EST).

Meeting Time Change

As of this week we’ll have our GlotPres meeting every Thursday at 16:00 UTC in the #glotpress channel on Slack.

And a quick reminder that it will be changing again in a few weeks for daylight savings time.

Getting to GlotPress 3.0

Work started on GlotPress 3.0 back in July 2017 with a proposal I posted and while the road to a release has been long and winding, our destination is finally in sight.

This post is to reset the 3.0 release schedule and deliver a release to that schedule.  During last weeks (Oct. 11, 2018) office hours, a proposed timeline was agreed upon:

  • December 6th, 2018 – Beta
  • December 13th, 2018 – Release Candidate
  • December 20th, 2018 – Final Release

Which leaves approximately 6 weeks of development time to land the remaining PR’s, which include:

  • Locale Variants (PR #747)
  • Comment Fields (PR #804)
  • CLDR Support (PR #784)
  • Term Filter Scope Options (PR #936)
  • Display Glossary Terms On Preview Rows (PR #932)
  • Fix NL and TAB Character Handling In Originals (PR #928)
  • Add Filter Count For Custom Filters (PR #926)

The current list and status of 3.0 issues and pull requests is available on GitHub and feel free to drop by our Slack channel during our weekly office hours (or any other time) if you have any questions or input to these or anything else.

GlotPress 3.0 will introduce several significant features and we encourage everyone to try out the beta when it is released, especially those that have built plugins or custom themes as both may require changes to be compatible with the release.

New Maintainer for GlotPress

It’s now 3 years after “Bunsen Honeydew”, the first GlotPress as a WordPress plugin version, has been released. Since (and before) this date a lot has been achieved to make GlotPress an easy and powerful open source tool to help translators collaborate.
Some highlights:It’s time to hand over the leadership reins…

  • 24 releases for the plugin version with the help of 43 contributors.
  • Introduction of more translation formats like Java properties, JavaScript and JSON.
  • Improved code base to better align with WordPress core to invite new contributors.
  • Enhanced glossaries including support for per locale glossaries.
  • Fruitful discussions and exploring of a new design.
  • Fine-tuned editor settings with more keyboard shortcuts and the ability to mark strings as fuzzy.
  • Customizability through the introduction of new hooks and WP-CLI support.
  • The switch to the plugin on, the largest public installation of GlotPress, and currently 400+ active self-hosted installs.
Until now GlotPress was maintained by myself (Dominik) with Greg Ross as a co-lead. During the last three years Greg was always a big help for me when it came to decisions or making a release. Today I’m happy to announce that Greg will continue on as the lead developer and maintainer of GlotPress, taking over my position with me stepping down to a supporter/contributor role. Greg has been involved in the WordPress community for over 6 years and has been working on GlotPress since the switch to the plugin, having started like so many contributors by fixing a bug and submitting a patch. I’m not going away completely, but I no longer want to cause unnecessary delays due to time constraints and shift in focus. So I’m creating space for others to step up and I trust Grey that he’ll continue making GlotPress an even better platform. And I hope you’ll support him as much as you can. Thank you.

Meeting time change: Thursday @ 15:00 UTC

Hello everyone, with the advent of standard time once more upon us, we’ve moved the weekly office hours for GlotPress to 15:00 UTC.  Feel free to drop on by our Slack channel (#glotpress) each Thursday.


Meeting time change: Thursday @ 16:00 UTC

As of today we’ll have our offices hours every Thursday at 16:00 UTC. The next meeting will be on November 30th in the #glotpress channel on Slack.