GlotPress 2.0 “Beaker”

GlotPress IconAfter 2.5 months we’re pleased to announce the second release of GlotPress as a WordPress plugin.

Version 2.0 of GlotPress, named “Beaker” (the assistant to Bunsen Honeydew), is now available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard.

This release was focused on enhancements to the existing codebase and to tweak several forms to make them more intuitive. For example, you no longer have to select a format when uploading your translations, GlotPress will auto detect the format.

Also say good bye to dead ends, all forms now have a button to return to the previous page.

Ever created a wrong translation set? Now you can delete them with just two clicks, along with translations and glossaries. Even projects can be deleted.

More highlights:

  • UI to manage GlotPress administrators
  • Case-sensitive translation searches
  • Support for Java properties files
  • New and updated default locales
  • Inline documentation for actions and filters
  • Want to know more? Read the full changelog here.

We’ve also moved the “Translation Propagation” feature into its own plugin. The initial version had a few issues so we decided to remove it from core and make it available as a plugin. You can download the plugin from the plugin directory.

In this version 49 issues were solved and 120 Pull Requests were merged, a total of 380 commits.

Contributors of this release: Aki Björklund, Rami Yushuvaev, Dominik Schilling, Greg Ross, Peter Dave Helloand, and Sergey Biryukov.

If you want to follow along or help out, check out our repository on GitHub.

#release, #wordpress-plugin