GlotPress at the WordCamp Europe Contributor Day 2016

This is a recap of the work done at the Contributor Day of WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna by the team that had signed up to work on GlotPress:

Team GlotPress (including Alex Kirk, Hugo Fernandes and Isaac Keyet) worked on continuing Isaac’s efforts to explore a new design for GlotPress. We conducted user interviews to find out how to improve the current experience. It showed that it is hard to draw the line between GlotPress and and to decide where a new feature would need to go.

We therefore assumed GlotPress in the context of and collected potential new features as well as feature changes on pieces of paper and prioritized them based on the desirability (i.e. value vs. effort required). Mind that our selection is the result of our brainstorming process and quite possibly needs some more refinement:

Everyone (User group = beneficiary)

  • Filters more visible (search box)
  • Better Glossary (global)
  • string timeline (history, status changes)


  • Simplified translation experience for new users (maybe a step by step tutorial, incl. signup: “make visitors translators”)
  • Make some legends more visible/useful


  • “Minor edit” approve with original translator credit
  • Feedback when rejecting a request
  • Notify users of approvement/changes
  • Showing who approves/rejects


  • Github-style labelling (mostly freeform) ~= tagging


  • Easier way to promote translators to editors (reverse the current flow: translators can request to become a PTE after a certain number of approved strings)

Feel free to chime in on our selection and help us convert feature ideas to a GlotPress-only context and create issues accordingly on the GlotPress Github repo. Thanks!