GlotPress 3.0 released

Today I’m happy to announce that GlotPress 3.0 is now available!

It’s the first stable release after a long time and should hopefully be the beginning of more frequent updates in the future.

What’s Changed


  • Various new locales like Ligurian, Tamazight, Nigerian Pidgin, Cornish, Western Balochi, and many more.
  • Three new translation warnings for mismatched URLs, missing named placeholders, and unexpected sprintf tokens.
  • Reduced reliance on default browser styles by adding and updating styles for form elements and links.
  • Unified and simplified styling for all tables.
  • Added ‘abbreviation’ as new part of speech value for glossary entries.
  • Added sort by option for modified date of translation.
  • Allow specifying the priority for PO import/exports in the flags.
  • Translation status filters are now a list of checkboxes for each status.


  • Various fixes for improved plural support and naming fixes.
  • Fix removing of starting newline from translations.
  • Fix duplicate glossary tooltips for the same term.
  • Abort changing translation status when the translation has been altered.
  • Fix submitting a translation containing the UTF-8 characters → and ↵.
  • Improve calculation of translation status counts.
  • Show new lines and tab characters and wrap non-translatable items for strings with plurals too.
  • Use single quotes around string literals in SQL queries.

Breaking Changes

  • GlotPress now requires PHP 7.2 or newer and WordPress 4.6 or newer.
  • iOS .strings file import/exports now are UTF8 encoded instead of UTF16-LE.
  • Developers: Various template and design changes.
  • Developers: Various unused functions have been removed.

For a full list and details of the changes please review the changelog file on GitHub.

Thank you to everyone who helped make GlotPress 3.0 happen!

The next version will be GlotPress 3.1 and is currently scheduled for May 13, 2022. It will mostly focus on improvements around glossaries. If you are interested in helping to create the next versions of GlotPress, either by code or by feedback, please join us on GitHub here.