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8.1 Creating a new project

The projects page will list all of your current projects, after installation you will need to create a new project for your collaborators to use.

At the bottom of the projects page you will find the “Create a New Project” link, this will take you to the new project page.

There six fields to fill in to create a new project:

  1. Name: This is the human readable name to use, like “GlotPress” or “GlotPress – Development”
  2. Slug: This is the machine friendly version of your project name, all lowercase and no spaces. If you leave it blank it will be created for you.
  3. Description: Optional, a short description of your project.
  4. Source file URL: If your source files are online, you can use this field to have a link created to them for the translators in the string editor.
  5. Parent Project: If this project is going to be a sub project, then select the parent project here.
  6. Active: If this project is active or not. Inactive projects cannot be translated.

Once you have filed in these fields, click “Create”.

You can change these settings by clicking “Edit” beside the project name in the project list.