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10.1 Translation Sets

Selecting a “Locale” from the project page will take you to the translation set page. This is the list of all strings to be translated and has four primary areas: 1. Navigation bar 2. String list 3. String editor (discussed in the next section) 4. Footer bar

10.1.1 Navigation bar

The navigation bar is made up of several parts:

  1. Bulk Actions
  2. Filter
  3. Sort
  4. Status Filters
  5. Pages (on the far right side)
Bulk Actions

There are several actions (assuming you have rights to do so) you can perform on more than one string at a time via the check boxes to the right of the strings list. These actions are:

  • Approve: Approve a pending translation submitted by a user.
  • Reject: Reject a pending translation submitted by a user.
  • Set Priority: Set the priority of the string to be translated.

The string list by default shows all strings, translated or not. The filter menu lets you select several ways to reduce the list to just what you want to see:

  • Term: A string that is contained in the original.
  • User: The user that has translated the string.
  • Status: Various combinations of the current status of the string.
  • With comment: Strings that have comments from the source file.
  • With context: Strings that have context from the source file.

The strings list is, by default, sorted by priority. The sort menu let’s you choose your sort order, the options available are:

  • Date added (original)
  • Date added (translation)
  • Original string
  • Translation
  • Priority
  • Filename in source
  • Random
  • Order: Ascending or Descending

You can set the default sort order on your profile page.

Status Filters

In addition to the above filters, there are several status filters available:

  • Untranslated
  • Untranslated (random)
  • Waiting
  • Fuzzy
  • Warning

By default, the strings list is broken up in to pages of 15 strings each. This area allows you to navigate between pages of strings.

You can set the default number of strings per page on your profile page.

10.1.2 Strings list

The strings list is composed of five columns:

  1. Multi select check box
  2. Priority
  3. Original string
  4. Translation
  5. Command

10.1.3 Footer bar

The footer bar is made up of two rows:

  1. Legend + Pages
  2. Footer menu

The string list is color coded based on the string’s status, the legend provides a quick reference to what each color represents. The pages menu is the same as in the navigation bar and allows you to navigate between pages of strings.

The footer menu contains two items: 1. Import translations: This will take you to the “Import Originals” page. 2. Export: This will export the current translation set to the selected file type for you to use in your application.