The GlotPress Report #1 (Feb 5 – Feb 18 2010)

Before diving into specific features and bug-fixes, this week’s news it that was launched. It is a GlotPress install, which allows all WordPress translators to collaborate and will host the translations of all the projects in the family like bbPress and BuddyPress.
  • In [407] – [410] we added proof-of-concept JSON API for the translations page. Just prepend /api in front of the URL. For example /projects/wp/dev/de/default gets you the HTML page for German translations and /api/projects/wp/dev/de/default will return the same information, but in JSON.
  • Since [411] and [412] GlotPress can be installed in a directory different from the user-facing GlotPress URL. The purpose of that is mainly to have it as an svn external.
  • In [419] – [421] project pages got visual fixes: description is now shown, the text for no translations isn’t show if there are sub-projects.
  • [422] fixed a serious bug, which prevented users with approval access to discard warnings.