Hello everyone! You probably know me as a WordPress core dev, but I also work on the site. That includes and now I’ve ventured over to GlotPress as well. 🙂

As you can probably see, I’ve been active in the last week in GlotPress development, on the heels of spending the last few months working on i18n in WordPress.

I hope to spend a few hours here and there making GlotPress and better, but for that, this American monoglot needs your help. I’ve read this blog, but perused only some of Trac. I’m also still getting familiar with the codebase, so I’ll be looking to @nbachiyski to advise on architectural questions.

I do want to talk about the roadmap, but not yet. (Next week!) Help me get up to speed first. So: what are the nagging bugs and enhancements? Which tickets or patches on Trac need traction? What’s your pet project or peeve? What feature requests do you consider to be the highest priority? Who is willing to contribute code, who already has? How is GlotPress working for you? How is it not working for you? What else should I know or see? Tell me what to read and I will do what I can to absorb.

Here’s what I’ve worked on so far:

  • Wrote a plugin for that overrides the permissions system to use Rosetta user roles (happy to open-source this for the GP community at large)
  • Performance improvements [671], [672]
  • Updated jQuery and jQuery UI, and updated JS to use newer methods [673] [675]
  • Fixed #183 (“Copy to original” on plural strings)
  • Committed fixes for #169 and #184
  • Bulk actions UX/UI changes, see previous post here
  • I have looked at and asked Nikolay to review #187, #170, #135, #139, #163, #150, #129, #115, and #14.

I also put in a request to have a GlotPress mailing list receive SVN commit and Trac ticket/comment emails, which should happen his week. (#174)

Hope to see you around. Happy translating!