I’ve seen this project now and tryed to…

I’ve seen this project now, and tryed to insert some Italian translation in the po files for WP e-Commerce plugin. http://languages.getshopped.org/projects/wp-e-commerce/it/default
I’ve seen that working for this db is not easy:
1. I cannot find any automatic method for importing translation from some external support. I mean, it’s easier to write it in poedit (for example), see the effect in some site of yours, then export the translation in the official site.
2. All lines appear to be Yellow to me: if I understand this means that no translation has been approved. and the current translation is ‘waiting’.
3. I’ve seen that my translation cannot be downloaded, and I cannot imagine why, because it appears to be Yellow as any other’s translation.
4. In some case I cannot see the change of Language in my site: few cases, but I cannot imagine why. All other translation works and not these few strings!
Any idea, or suggestion?
Thank you.

#cannot-download, #few-strings-not-working