Agenda for the GlotPress as a WordPress Plugin chat on October 15th

Here’s the agenda for the GlotPress as a WordPress Plugin chat on October 15th @ 13:00 UTC in the #glotpress Channel on Slack.

1. New Issues

The goal is to set a release tag and owner, technical discussion of the issue can be done in the GitHub ticket.


  1. IS33 Prefix all GlotPress Action/Filters with “gp_”
  2. IS34 Database is only updated on plugin activation
  3. IS35 Replace $gpdb with $wpdb
  4. IS36 Recent merge of upstream changes conflicted with the assets move PR

2. New PRs

The goal is to make a decision if a pull request is:

  • ready to merge
  • not ready but should be targeted at the next release milestone
  • not ready and will be targeted at a future release milestone
  • will not be merged (declined)

Pull Requests:

  1. PR38 Allow GP to take over the root URL on the frontend
  2. PR44 Plugin prefix actions and filters
  3. PR45 Move install css
  4. PR46 Remove the $gpdb global and replace it with $wpdb
  5. PR47 Database is only updated on plugin activation
  6. PR48 Convert gp plugin system
  7. PR49 Merge upstream changes as of Oct 14 2015

3. Outstanding Issues/PR’s with 1.0 tag

The goal is to assign an owner if none exists, determine if it should still be targeted at the 1.0 release or postpone to a future release.

  1. IS1 Attempting to “import originals” times out [SergeyBiryukov]
  2. IS5/PR20 Remove GP_User [A5hleyRich]
  3. IS7/PR48 Convert GlotPress plugin system to WordPress [toolstack/Greg Ross]
  4. IS9 Backwards Compatibility []
  5. IS10 Allow GlotPress tables to have a table prefix independent of the WP table prefix [bradt]
  6. IS11/PR43 Merge upstream changes [ocean90]
  7. IS15/PR16 Make plugin translation ready [polevaultweb]
  8. IS19 Convert GP permissions to WP roles []
  9. IS21/PR22 Flush rewrite rules on plugin (de)activation []
  10. IS23/PR24 Convert scripts to WP-CLI commands []
  11. IS30/PR38 Allow GP to take over the root URL on the frontend [bjork]
  12. IS31/PR32 Unit tests [gilbitron]

4. Release Target

Discussion for a soft target for 1.0 release.

5. New Items/Technical Discussion/Open Discussion


Suggestions for any other agenda items can be posted in the comments.


(Thanks to Greg Ross for the agenda proposal.)