GlotPress 2.1 “Camilla”

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After 3 months we’re pleased to announce the third release of GlotPress as a WordPress plugin.

Version 2.1 of GlotPress, named “Camilla“, is now available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard.

The focus of this release was to improve the database performance and other general enhancements.

Highlights of this release:

  • To increase transparency the user ID of a validator is now stored on translation status changes. You can now see who approved (or rejected 😱) a translation.
  • The permissions list has been updated to use a table view. Gone are the days where you have had to search for users in a tiny list.
  • Imported translations are now checked for warnings too.
  • You have translations which still still a review? Now you import translations with status waiting.
  • PO exports now include a Language header and a Project-Id-Version to improve handling of sub projects.
  • Multiple changes to the database schema to provide the fastest GlotPress so far.
  • Want to know more? Read the full changelog here.

Contributors of this release: Dominik Schilling, Greg Ross, Yoav Farhi, Alexander Kirk, Anton Timmermans, Mattias Tengblad.

If you want to follow along or help out, check out our repository on GitHub.

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