So Marko said https twitter com markoheijnen status…

So Marko said:

I’m a developer working at Automattic, with a big interest in everything i18n and l10n. I started diving into GlotPress a few months ago with hope that we can get some traction into the project, fix bugs and introduce some much needed features.


Glossary feature there’s some progress over on https…

Glossary feature: there’s some progress over on, and an actual patch that can be tested. Comments/reviews appreciated.

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I was looking for a quick way to…

I was looking for a quick way to setup GlotPress under Varying Vagrants Vagrant, and since I couldn’t find anything, I created vvv-glotpress. Use this to quickly get GlotPress trunk running under VVV.

#development, #trunk, #vvv