Mass-create Translation Sets

When you create a new project, it doesn’t have any translations and all translation sets have to be created one by one. In case of a larger GlotPress installation it usually makes sense to use the same translation sets from another project. Usually a parent one.

This was the case with We made a project Twenty Ten for translating the new default theme in WordPress 3.0. The project was a sub-project of WordPress Development. Since all translators of the trunk version of WordPress would want to translate the new default theme too, I just synced the translation sets of Twenty Ten with those of WordPress Development using the new mass-create feature.

You can see the feature in action in this short video:

As shown in the video, you can choose which project to sync translation sets with and then preview the added/removed sets before clicking Submit.

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The GlotPress Report #0 (Jan 29 – Feb 5 2010)

Here is the zeroth edition of the GlotPress report. This series of posts will give you an overview of what happened with GlotPress in the last week.

  • In [401] we added a button to fill-in the current translation field via Google Translate:

    Google Translate button

  • In [404] we added bulk translation via Google Translate. It affects only strings without translation and if the translation was successful sets their status to fuzzy.
  • In [404] we simplified the bulk menu: no more radio buttons for both approve and reject. Now there are two separate buttons:

    Simplified bulk interface

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