Update on https github com fmestrone GlotPress I…

Update on https://github.com/fmestrone/GlotPress.

I have added the following features.

  • 100% width for subprojects and translation whenever possible in project page
  • view originals in a project as well as import them
  • _admin_gatekeeper and del tree function in GP_Route_Main
  • view translation by translation set as well as project, with new top level menu
    • this one is NOT complete yet, it will allow to browse your translations starting from a language or translation set name and the see for all projects for that language
  • import a complete Elgg language set, with top level and sub projects for each plugin
  • allow recursive creation of translation sets in all sub projects
  • allow deletion of translation sets (which deletes all translations too)
  • delete an original and all associated translations
  • project deletion now deletes all originals and translation sets associated with it
  • new translation bundle thing, for view translations by translation set
  • copying name for translation set from locale now also copies the slug