Sushkov closed my ticket #39 because he thinks…

Sushkov closed my ticket #39 because he thinks it’s a duplicate of #9. I disagree. #9 deals with the translation history of one particular string. What I was talking about it #39 are related strings across all strings in the .pot file.

Let’s say I have to translate a string containing the word ‘media library’. In order to translate it the right way, it would be of great help to see other strings containing the word ‘media library’ which have already been translated. In this way the translation is consistent. It’s meant as some kind of 2nd level glossary. No actual glossary, but in this way words like ‘media library’ are translated the same way across all strings. Would be very useful for e.g. where we have over 16,000 strings for translation.

On a side note about related strings: As we can already search for the filenames in GlotPress, how about a ‘related strings’ link in the Meta section that performs a search across all strings with the same filename?

#related-strings, #ticket-closed