Today we discussed the current progress of GlotPress…

Today we discussed the current progress of GlotPress and wether we can port it to a “plugin not plugin” format, which basically means that it is not a regular plugin. There are still lots of concerns if a plugin makes sense to do, because of scaling and what we really gain with it.

Still, lots of people like the plugin idea and for the next two weeks we will try to make a proof of concept to show that issues like the current routing of urls to views can be solved. This doesn’t mean it will be a workable plugin. This development will taken place on After two weeks we will evaluate the current progress. Current team now is japheth, vinicius, marko, zé and ldebrouwer.

The issue was raised that a plugin will not help out the current lack of development progress. This is probably still something we need to think more about it. How can we solve the current lack of progress and get more contributors? We probably need to think more about this. Obviously current development will also be looked at, i.e. looking at current op tickets on the 1.0 branch and getting some of the tickets fixed.

Another issue that was raised is that GlotPress is missing a projectleader. Currently there isn’t a plan how the project’s progress will evaluated, and as mentioned this is something that bothers people. Also a development leadership is missing but this is something that can be done with the help of Nacin and Nikolay, who both know this project really well.