Status Update October 2015


Currently we have a new header/breadcrumb design which looks better then we had before. It takes up a little bit more height but in return we now have a menu where you can add links if wanted.

Due to this redesign the output of gp_breadcrumbs is a list now and styling will be applied on display. Still makes adding new items easier since you don’t need to know the styling. Also the action after_hello got removed.

Other updates are:

  • Show login after installation again and after that redirect to the home page
  • Make warnings for newline mismatches more verbose.
  • Ready to commit a patch for gp_title
  • Currently working on favorites/watched projects and decline with feedback.


The upcoming week lot’s of code changes will…

The upcoming week lot’s of code changes will happen. When you keep up-to-date with the latest code of GlotPress, it is recommended to not do this directly on production in the next days. Specially when you have custom code or theme. I would appreciate you guys testing things out and leaving feedback during this week.

My focus in random order is:

  • new header with navigation
  • redesigned breadcrumbs
  • Changes in gp_title
  • favorites
  • notifications
  • reject with feedback
  • Move BackPress to GlotPress

If you feel something is missing then let me know and I will see if I can manage to get something done on that too. Otherwise I will let you know when I think I can work on it. Also if you want to help out, let me know here or ask in the GlotPress Slack channel on WordPress Slack


Meeting starts this Thursday

It has been a long time goal to have a regular meeting but till now I couldn’t find the time that I would able to be there most of the time. After rethinking the time from comments, I decided to set up a weekly meeting at 12UTC on every Thursday starting this week.

This first meeting we will discuss how to notify Validators and translators for important changes. I just created two tickets for a Notification Center and for Favorites. This will help us out with sending out notifications and building up a user dashboard. In the next couple of days I will work on this so we can discuss the progress.

#142, #245, #294, #522, #562, #738, #769, #meeting, #mutations, #patients

Rebuilding our theme

In the last year there were several discussions about the design of GlotPress. I tried to use bootstrap to make it nicer but what we really need is a complete rewrite of the theme. For this purpose I created a repo on GitHub where we can build a fresh new theme that fits our needs. Also Aris Blevins already created some mockups how the translation flow could work. This is also linked on the GitHub channel.

If you want to help out just leave a comment and check out You can create tickets with ideas and things you would like to change.

#40061, #53381742, #diplom74rus-ru, #theme

Status update

So it has been quiet for the last two months. Only some small changes have been made to the code. But before going into this years plans I first want to thank all the contributors from last year: yoavf, Secretmapper, vanillalounge, nacin, nbachiyski, DJPaul, koke, dimadin, juanramondiaz, wonderboymusic, stuwest, extendwings, Nao, ocean90, knome, joostdevalk, waclawjacek, cfoellmann, ramiy, hew. And that is without mentioning the people who submitted still waiting patches and tickets. It was a good year where great improvements where made.

So for this year already quite some tickets and patches have been created and I will try to review this month. There will be three focus topics for this year which are increasing contributions, build a new default theme and rebuild part of core (to increase performance).

To increase the amount of contributors we will try to be more proactive when tickets, patches and issues are raised so people feel more connected to the project. Also from March there will be a weekly meeting where we can sync planning and work on new ideas. currently I’m thinking to do this meeting on Thursdays at 15:00 UTC. If you have suggestions then please let my know. I will create blog posts for the other two topics.

As last, from this point on I will be actively leading the project. Due to the fact that we have active contributors now, it also means that my role need to be active instead of committing things that I like to work on. Also GlotPress has become more important for open source projects and there is a lot of things that could increase the usability of GlotPress.


Process November 2014

As promised in last update we will now have monthly update post. The biggest change is that since this weekend we moved to PHP 5.3. While we adding new features, we also clean up the code and this time we starting to deprecate our lambda function and now moving to anonymous functions which got added in PHP 5.3.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to do the things on our roadmap due to fixing some important bugs. But I’m sure that some of those bugs will make you guys happy. I finally had the time to dig into the caching issue of the translation set counts and fixed it.  We also currently hidden public profiles but that will be back in a few days.

Changes made

  • Invalidate the translation set cache when approving/rejecting a string.
  • Increased performance of profile pages.
  • Disregard context if it’s any falsy value.
  • Fix going to the previous translation with the keyboard.
  • Move to the next translation when approving/rejecting a string.
  • Reduce the size of index ‘singular_plural_context’ for originals.
  • Added a link on users profile page to his translations of that translation set.
  • Fix guess_uri() for subdirectory installations.
  • Fixed not exporting translation comments for PO files.
  • Don’t fatal when hitting a projects page where the parent project has been deleted (work in progress).
  • Remove RRC format.
  • Stop using lambda function and start switching to anonymous or normal functions.
  • Add support for Oriya and Lingala.
  • Update Kinyarwanda.

Thanks to: yoavf, joostdevalk, nbachiyski and waclawjacek

Changesets 970 – 999


Moving to PHP 5.3+

In the last year things got changed and improved. Lately things are speeding up and part of that we decided to move to PHP 5.3+ because we want to move away from create_function() and start using anonymous functions. For the current patch you can check out

The current patch will be committed this week and from there we will start looking at other functions that are still calling create_function().

Survey for Translators & Validators

Hey all,

So lately we are moving forward in making GlotPress better and we would love to hear your feedback. teamadesign made 2 surveys to see how you guys translate/validate strings and how the design of GlotPress should reflect that.

For translators:
For validators:

It would be great if you can fill it out so GlotPress becomes the translation tool you like.

In the last couple of months some great…

In the last couple of months some great features got added like profiles and locale pages. Also we created a roadmap and try to keep up with that one. So from last month only profiles got added and we still need to do a bit more work for fixing the SQL issues and cleaning up locales.php. Also since we now have a roadmap, I will post by the end of every month an update about what got done.

Changes made

  • Added locale pages (in progress).
  • Added public profiles (in progress).
  • Fixes to Glossary.
  • Fixes for branching.
  • Complete overhaul of the installation process. You can now fill in your username, password and email address.
  • Return percent_translated and wp_locale when using the API to retrieve the translation sets of a project.
  • Add last_modified to the API and cache it.
  • Show by default references again and add a filter to hide them if needed.
  • Exclude old strings from the untranslated translations query.
  • Add filter to the import method to allow selective import over existing translations.
  • Add action in the translation set filters form.
  • Add filter to import translation status.
  • Small design changes
  • Cleanup locales.php a bit
  • Proper native name for Sakha.
  • Update native names for zh_CN and zh_TW.

Thanks to yoavf, nacin, nbachiyski, secretmapper, knome, extendwings, vanillalounge, stuwest and ocean90

Changesets 931 – 969


Managing the things you do

It has always been a pain to manage the projects and locales you care about. When locale pages got added it has been made easier but on the moment a GlotPress installation has a lot of active projects it will become unmanageable again.


So part of the GSoC project Adrian worked on was adding profile pages. This will show which projects / translation sets you recently worked on and highlights the locales the person translated in. It also shows the projects the user can validate. To me as a public profile this works good but it isn’t yet something you can use to follow the projects you want. As a reminder below you see the screenshot of his current patch, do note that badges is out of scope. See for future patches

ss (2014-06-25 at 09.15.32)


So instead of adding more things to the profile edit page of a user, I want to pick up the Dashboard idea described here: Same approach as the profiles but then a dedicated page for it. But instead of guessing what the user wants, let the user decide by “staring” a translation set. It will still show the projects the user explicitly can validate. Also for in the future it will show the projects the user owns like the plugins and themes on


I will continue working on this and hoping to have a patch ready in 24 hours. I do wonder what you guys want to see on your own profile/dashboard and what you want to see on someone else his profile.