Managing the things you do

It has always been a pain to manage the projects and locales you care about. When locale pages got added it has been made easier but on the moment a GlotPress installation has a lot of active projects it will become unmanageable again.


So part of the GSoC project Adrian worked on was adding profile pages. This will show which projects / translation sets you recently worked on and highlights the locales the person translated in. It also shows the projects the user can validate. To me as a public profile this works good but it isn’t yet something you can use to follow the projects you want. As a reminder below you see the screenshot of his current patch, do note that badges is out of scope. See for future patches

ss (2014-06-25 at 09.15.32)


So instead of adding more things to the profile edit page of a user, I want to pick up the Dashboard idea described here: Same approach as the profiles but then a dedicated page for it. But instead of guessing what the user wants, let the user decide by “staring” a translation set. It will still show the projects the user explicitly can validate. Also for in the future it will show the projects the user owns like the plugins and themes on


I will continue working on this and hoping to have a patch ready in 24 hours. I do wonder what you guys want to see on your own profile/dashboard and what you want to see on someone else his profile.