GSOC 2014 – 08/17 Update – Wrapup

Hello everyone! I’m Arian, a Computer Science student, one of the students accepted in the Google Summer of Code Program. This is my 9th (and last) GSOC update, and you can view my other GSOC posts here.

This week I’ve integrated ‘feedback messages’ into profiles, providing users a quick easy-to-access stream of details to their recent translations.

As you’re probably aware, last week, I’ve added the ‘feedback’ feature, allowing validators to give feedback to translations (such as pointing out a minor mistake). The feedback feature is nice, but is pretty useless if users aren’t informed of it.

Now, feedback and warnings appear on the user’s dashboard!

Along with recent projects is a list of recent feedback and warning messages, coupled with proper context and direct links to action for this problematic translations.

This new addition really brings the dashboard as an ‘action center’ to full circle!

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So that’s a wrap for GSOC! It has all been a very fun and fulfilling experience to develop for Glotpress, knowing that the work is going be used by such an enthusiastic community, whilst also shaping me up with necessary experience to prepare myself as a developer in the real world.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen various additions to Glotpress, such as the User Dashboard, Email Notification Script, Public Profiles, User API and Wordpress Widget, a Reworked Installation Form, Feedback Messages, and other small changes.

As GSOC went on some setbacks were also faced, most notable of which is the two simultaneous typhoons that had left us with no electricity for a week. Resilience and hard work paid off, and I’m proud to have been able to complete the scope of the GSOC project, and then some.

Of course, all of this would not have been possible without my two mentors, Yoav Farhi and Marko Heijnen, who have helped me all through out the stages of development, from conception, to planning, development and debugging. These guys are the real brains that made it all possible.

So as GSOC closes, I just want to say, Thank you to all of you, for giving me such an experience and allowing me to contribute in the small way that I have. It has been a really amazing thing to have been able to help create something that is going to be used by the community we have here.


However, GSOC’s Hard Pencil’s down does not mean an actual ‘pencil’s down’! The beauty of Open Source is that those who are willing to contribute can, and I am actually planning to continue what I have been doing here – help make Glotpress more awesome!

So whilst GSOC’s end will mean I will no longer carry a GSOC participant moniker, I would be an OSS contributor!

So for everyone out there, just feel free to drop a comment for a feature request you think Glotpress would benefit from, and always remember that our developers always review your suggestions posted in the trac! Also keep posted, as I may still have a trick or two under my sleave 🙂

Thanks and Ciao~!