In the last couple of months some great…

In the last couple of months some great features got added like profiles and locale pages. Also we created a roadmap and try to keep up with that one. So from last month only profiles got added and we still need to do a bit more work for fixing the SQL issues and cleaning up locales.php. Also since we now have a roadmap, I will post by the end of every month an update about what got done.

Changes made

  • Added locale pages (in progress).
  • Added public profiles (in progress).
  • Fixes to Glossary.
  • Fixes for branching.
  • Complete overhaul of the installation process. You can now fill in your username, password and email address.
  • Return percent_translated and wp_locale when using the API to retrieve the translation sets of a project.
  • Add last_modified to the API and cache it.
  • Show by default references again and add a filter to hide them if needed.
  • Exclude old strings from the untranslated translations query.
  • Add filter to the import method to allow selective import over existing translations.
  • Add action in the translation set filters form.
  • Add filter to import translation status.
  • Small design changes
  • Cleanup locales.php a bit
  • Proper native name for Sakha.
  • Update native names for zh_CN and zh_TW.

Thanks to yoavf, nacin, nbachiyski, secretmapper, knome, extendwings, vanillalounge, stuwest and ocean90

Changesets 931 – 969