Process November 2014

As promised in last update we will now have monthly update post. The biggest change is that since this weekend we moved to PHP 5.3. While we adding new features, we also clean up the code and this time we starting to deprecate our lambda function and now moving to anonymous functions which got added in PHP 5.3.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to do the things on our roadmap due to fixing some important bugs. But I’m sure that some of those bugs will make you guys happy. I finally had the time to dig into the caching issue of the translation set counts and fixed it.  We also currently hidden public profiles but that will be back in a few days.

Changes made

  • Invalidate the translation set cache when approving/rejecting a string.
  • Increased performance of profile pages.
  • Disregard context if it’s any falsy value.
  • Fix going to the previous translation with the keyboard.
  • Move to the next translation when approving/rejecting a string.
  • Reduce the size of index ‘singular_plural_context’ for originals.
  • Added a link on users profile page to his translations of that translation set.
  • Fix guess_uri() for subdirectory installations.
  • Fixed not exporting translation comments for PO files.
  • Don’t fatal when hitting a projects page where the parent project has been deleted (work in progress).
  • Remove RRC format.
  • Stop using lambda function and start switching to anonymous or normal functions.
  • Add support for Oriya and Lingala.
  • Update Kinyarwanda.

Thanks to: yoavf, joostdevalk, nbachiyski and waclawjacek

Changesets 970 – 999