Since the last update there are quite some…

Since the last update there are quite some nice changes. Probably the biggest is a new filter that allows you to create a “child theme” with a plugin. Because of that has the same header/footer as Also it has a link to the blog/Polyglots and the translator handbook.


  • Finally fix caching bug when using Memcache including small improvement when importing strings
  • Improved project view. It’s now always 100% wide
  • Reverted code for changing the po/mo file names on export
  • Fix typos in locales.php
  • Added a new filter “tmpl_load_locations”. Now you can add your own template folder. Thanks to Nacin.
  • Moved project actions outside the template and added a filter “gp_project_actions”
  • Fix notice when importing new strings
  • Fix all kinds of strict PHP warnings. See #220
  • First small change to improve accessibility.

The next weeks I will concentrate on cleaning up milestone 1.0. Fixing some irritating bugs or moving it to milestone 1.1. Even if we don’t have versions it does help out to structure the flow.

  • Improve dealing with strings. Adding ability to import fuzzy strings (#138) and be able to mark a string as “waiting” (#84)
  • Ability to copy projects (#65) and copy translations between translations sets (#66)
  • Ability to check the same strings in of a language in main projects and it’s sub projects
  • Move Google translator out of core into the plugins folder (#170 and #133)
  • Add Microsoft translator (#103)
  • Records validator when importing (#217)
  • Improve check for empty translations (#149)
  • Improve/checking deleting of projects, translation sets and suggested translations (#186 and #223)
  • More accessibility improvements.
  • Remove “default” slug from a translations set (#67)

Lots of things that need to be done and the target is that everything should be fixed before WordCamp San Francisco. The main problem will probably creating unit tests