Hello I have an enhancement request and hopefully…

Hello, I have an enhancement request and hopefully I’m in the right place to suggest it, but let me know if I need to create an actual ticket or move the request elsewhere.

In order to improve as a translator and mostly to not repeat the same translation mistakes, I often go back to check on my translations and have a look at the validator’s correction, this requires some shorts steps:
1. Enter my username (User:)
2. Select “Rejected” or “Approved, but obsoleted by another string” (Status:)
3. Click on the Filter button
4. Click on Details for the string I want to inquire about
5. Click on “All translations of this original” (open in new tab)
6. Close tab
7. Repeat 4-6 until I get through my list

Repeating steps 4-6 quickly becomes painful when there’s a long list to go through, but that’s the only method I have found so far to get feedbacks on my translations, and this the reason I’d like to suggest for a way to have a quick glance at all my inaccurate translations and the final correction by the validator.

For example, when I filter by “Rejected” or “Approved, but obsoleted by another string”, the filtered page could display an additional column, so that we’d have: Original string, Translation (could be renamed to Suggested Translation) and Final Translation. Else, what’s the point of having a list of my rejected or obsoleted strings without knowing what was wrong or what needed to be modified?

Comments or advice are welcomed.