Progress made so far in 2014

It has been almost five months since the last update post. Since then we added two major features to GlotPress.

The first one is that we have glossaries now. It gives validators the opportunity to have a list of most used words and how they should be translated. It makes it easier to manage translators since you can point them to the glossary. There are still some things to do but you can already use it. For progress see ticket #97. Props for Yoav on this one.

And as second we finally have project branching. It allows admins to duplicate a project with all the originals, translation sets and translations. Milan Dinić worked on this a long time ago and we finally committed this. See ticket #65.

Other features added are:

  • Allow setting originals’ priority on import. See #275.
  • Skip strings that are marked as untranslatable when using the Android format. See #279.
  • Stop needed ?action=upgrade when upgrading the database. See #281.
  • Improved guess_uri() to also work when there is an url passed in a GET parameter. See #282.
  • Updated jQuery and stop using $ sign. See #284.
  • Added phpunit.xml file and moved tests in their own folder. See #285.
  • Fixed UTF16 and escaping issue when importing new strings with the .strings format. See #295.
  • Generate .htaccess file automatically when posibble. See #280.
  • Added more unit tests.
  • Added support for Fulah, Tigrinya and Rohingya.
  • Added wp_locale for Irish, Marathi, Mongolian and Amharic.
  • Fixed the Rohingya locale information.

We recommend everyone who is using GlotPress to update to the latest code base.