The last couple two and a half months…

The last couple two and a half months a lot of things got changed. As you guys have seen in the last two posts is that we have this year our first GSoC project and the focus of the project will be a huge improvement for GlotPress. I can’t wait to see how GlotPress will look like in September.

We also did some nice improvements and some groundwork for upcoming features. This is a list of almost all changes that are made.

  • Branching
    • Preserve hierarchy when duplicating projects that contain multiple sub projects.
    • Allow editing of the project description.
    • Keep the original project status.
    • Fix an issue where translations original id was set to the original project originals.
    • Performance improvements. About 20% faster on a project with 15k originals.
  • Add CLI script to perform branching.
  • Save username when importing new translations.
  • Add “projects” filters to GP_Project to be able to sort the array.
  • Show fuzzy count of translated sets in the project view.
  • Add bulk setting for priority.
  • Introduce the fuzzy_count method for translation sets.
  • Add support for comments in Android import.
  • Add abstract class GP_Format to use for all our import/export formats.
  • Add indices on the original tables.
  • Add hook to discard_warning_edit_function.
  • Import “fuzzy” flag.
  • Make the $where array in for_translation filterable.
  • Improved unit tests
  • Added support for Ido and German (Switzerland).
  • And other minor fixes and cleanups.