GSOC 2014 – 07/15 Update

Hello everyone! I’m Arian, a Computer Science student, one of the students accepted in the Google Summer of Code Program. This is my 6th update, and you can view my other posts here.

This week I’ve reworked the install process for Glotpress.

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Previously, installing Glotpress would insert a default admin, whilst having a WordPress table along with Glotpress required maintainers to use a php script to add admins.

Now we have an actual installation form, which asks for user data upfront instead of creating a default one, making the process easier and more user friendly. Note how it mirrors the WordPress Installation Form:

Install form

The form is straightforward, asking for a username, email, and password.

I’ve also begun on general polish for Glotpress, and started out with ticket 338.

As reported by zodiac1978, it is currently unwieldy to check if an untranslated string has a history of translations, clicking a row and its corresponding history link.

Related Tickets:

Now instead of showing a link in every set,  we remove the link and simply inform the user that it has no history of translations, minimizing clicks and time spent!

ss (2014-07-15 at 03.32.02)

That’s all for now. Thanks again, and ciao~!