GSOC 2014 – 07/28 Update

Hello everyone! I’m Arian, a Computer Science student, one of the students accepted in the Google Summer of Code Program. This is my 7th update, and you can view my other posts here.

This week I’ve made changes to previous features implemented, specifically, the Public Profiles and the Installation Script.

Related Tickets:

Most of the changes has been internal, setting up proper functions/API, and reconstructing the code flow to fallback to sensible defaults.

This week I also managed to add a small change: you can now view the validators of a translation set, with their names linking to their profiles!

The next weeks will be interesting, where general polish, closing down standing tickets in the trac, and more comprehensive unit tests to features added will be the main focus for development.


  • Those who have been tracking my updates may notice that I skipped a weekly update – this July the strongest typhoon to hit our country so far in the year yet, Typhoon Ramassun, has caused a wide area blackout. Our country was then consecutively hit again by Typhoon Matmo, rain and wind made stronger by the Southwest Monsoon. Because of the power interruption and general bad weather, I had been unable to properly update last July 21, and for this week too, but I will surely try to make up for it in the coming weeks! Thanks 🙂

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