2017 Kick-off Meeting on January 10th @ 17:00 UTC

Hello and Happy New Year everyone!

It was a bit quiet the last few weeks and it’s time to get the ball rolling again. We’ll start with our weekly meetings on January 10th at 17:00 UTC. Please mark this date in you calendar and join us in the #glotpress channel on Slack.


Office Hours Recap (September 13)

The office hours are held every Tuesday at 17:00 UTC in the #glotpress channel of the WordPress Slack team.

Log: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/glotpress/p1473786115000207
Attendees: @gregattoolstack, @swissspidy, @samuelsidler, @sergey, @petya, @ocean90


  • The milestone for 2.2 has been reviewed, it’s 80% completed.
  • @ocean90 found two issues while testing:
  • @gregattoolstack is going to review and track them down.
  • The PR for the Hausa locale information needs a refresh. Since @petya can’t handle that at the moment @ocean90 will submit the new PRs.
  • Issue #479 for an uninstall routine has been discussed.
    • The current PR isn’t ready for a merge.
    • gp_uninstall()⁠⁠⁠⁠ should looks good.
    • For the $wp_settings property a better name should be identified.
    • @ocean90 suggest inline settings because just having one option on a admin page feels odd.
      • The feedback was mostly against this idea.
    • It was decided that for 2.2 no admin page with just one option gets added.
  • Major refactors like #540 should be discussed first in the Slack channel to avoid working on things which may not get merged.


If you couldn’t attend the office hours, feel free to leave a comment here or in #glotpress and let us know what you think about some of topics or if you’d like to see something else discussed.

See you next week!

#479, #540, #glotpress, #office-hours

Office Hours Recap (September 6)

The office hours are held every Tuesday at 17:00 UTC in the #glotpress channel of the WordPress Slack team.

Log: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/glotpress/p1473181218000016
Attendees: @gregross, @swissspidy, @samuelsidler, @sergey, @petya, @ocean90


  • Office hours are starting again. @ocean90 is back from his job as Release Lead for WordPress.
  • @gregross mentioned that 2.2 has been pushed a couple of times so a new release date is needed.
  • The milestone for 2.2 has been reviewed:
    • Focus of 2.2: An improved scripts/styles handling and some other bug fixes.
    • Global glossaries require more discussion and have been punted.
    • Low prio schema changes have been punted.
    • @gregross has worked on a PR for an uninstall routine.
      • The idea remains in the milestone but the PR needs some improvements like OOP.
    • A new schedule for 2.2 has been defined:
      • September 14th, 2016 Beta 1
      • September 21st, 2016 RC 1
      • September 28th, 2016 Final
  • For the next releases @ocean90 proposed to try 2 month cycles. Each release should have one focus on which all contributors can work on.
  • A possible roadmap defines such focuses:
  • The reason why design is after the REST API: An UI (React, AngularJS, etc) which is powered by the REST API. 💥 Goals would be to enhance mobile experience and less page reloads.
  • It was mentioned that the ‘Tested up to’ for GlotPress needs to be updated on https://wordpress.org/plugins/glotpress/.
  • The old GlotPress Trac is now read-only. All development happens on the GitHub repo.
  • @petya will talk to Marko about https://twitter.com/glotpress so the team can use it.


If you couldn’t attend the office hours, feel free to leave a comment here or in #glotpress and let us know what you think about some of topics or if you’d like to see something else discussed.

See you next week!

#glotpress, #office-hours

GlotPress 2.0.1

GlotPress IconGlotPress 2.0.1 is now available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard!

This is a bugfix release addressing issues found in version 2.0.

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • #386: Avoid a PHP warning when a user had made translations and the user was then deleted.
  • #390: Update all delete permission levels to be consistent in different areas of GlotPress.
  • #404: Fix the CLI export command to properly use the “status” option.
  • #410: Add upgrade script to remove trailing slashes left of project paths from 1.0 which are no longer supported
  • #413: Fix conflict with other plugins that also use the `GP_Locales` class
  • #417: Exclude the art-xemoji locale from length check that caused spurious warnings.

Features in this release:

  • #411: Add Haitian Creole locale definition.
  • #412: Update Asturian locale definition.

In this version 6 issues were solved and 6 Pull Requests were merged, a total of 14 commits.

Contributors of this release: Dominik Schilling, Greg Ross, Yoav Farhi.

If you want to follow along or help out, check out our repository on GitHub.

#glotpress, #release, #wordpress-plugin

New day/time for weekly meetings

In last week’s meeting it was decided to change the meeting time to Tuesday 17:00 UTC.
Next meeting will be on April 19th at 17:00 UTC in the #glotpress channel on Slack.

GSOC 2014 – 07/28 Update

Hello everyone! I’m Arian, a Computer Science student, one of the students accepted in the Google Summer of Code Program. This is my 7th update, and you can view my other posts here.

This week I’ve made changes to previous features implemented, specifically, the Public Profiles and the Installation Script.

Related Tickets: https://glotpress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/280https://glotpress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/340

Most of the changes has been internal, setting up proper functions/API, and reconstructing the code flow to fallback to sensible defaults.

This week I also managed to add a small change: you can now view the validators of a translation set, with their names linking to their profiles!

The next weeks will be interesting, where general polish, closing down standing tickets in the trac, and more comprehensive unit tests to features added will be the main focus for development.


  • Those who have been tracking my updates may notice that I skipped a weekly update – this July the strongest typhoon to hit our country so far in the year yet, Typhoon Ramassun, has caused a wide area blackout. Our country was then consecutively hit again by Typhoon Matmo, rain and wind made stronger by the Southwest Monsoon. Because of the power interruption and general bad weather, I had been unable to properly update last July 21, and for this week too, but I will surely try to make up for it in the coming weeks! Thanks 🙂

#glotpress, #gsoc

I’ve created a little mockup screen I wanted…

I’ve created a little mockup screen I wanted to share with the glotpress people.

I’m just interested if something like this would technically be possible. I’ve drafted something similar in my trac ticket at http://glotpress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/41

This would help to bring some order in the huge amount of different strings on translate.wordpress.com and would help to get the context of a string. Well in a perfect world every string on translate.wordpress.com would come with a screenshot where the string to be translated would be highlighted in any way.

#context, #glotpress, #treeview