Proper Landing/Home Page

We need a proper landing page for the GlotPress project!
Something simple, approachable to appeal to the visitor. A P2 is somewhat repelling for most users or casual visitors.
It is a big problem for open source projects to present itself to the public in an appealing way. I am thinking of a simple one-pager with some headlines, screenshots and feature listing.
We should also provide tagged, downloadable zip files with short install instructions.

What do you think?

#homepage, #site

The glotpress svn repo I dislike SVN |…

The glotpress svn repo (I dislike SVN ;-|) is mirrored at (This I like) but it says “(unofficial mirror, almost always in sync)” in the repo description.
How official is it and how often is is updated. Would you say that it is save to use it as upstream for a fork?