GlotPress 1.0 “Bunsen Honeydew”

GlotPress IconVersion 1.0 of GlotPress, named “Bunsen Honeydew”, is available for download in’s Plugin Directory.
This is the first public release of GlotPress as a WordPress plugin, ​an alternative to the standalone version.


Between the initial commit and today’s last commit for the first plugin version 70 issues were solved and 86 Pull Requests were merged, a total of 352 commits.


Some highlights:

  • It’s a plugin! 😉
  • WP-CLI support
  • Integrated with WordPress’s user system
  • Easy installation through the plugin directory
  • Multisite support

For the first version the goal was to change as little as possible to get it working well. But still we had to remove some things in favour of WordPress’ API system. You can review the list of breaking changes in our wiki. If you have existing plugins for the standalone version take a look at this guide on how to convert them to WordPress plugins.


Contributors of this release: Aki Björklund, Alex Kirk, Andrew Nacin, Ashley Rich, Brad Touesnard, Chantal Coolsma, Dominik Schilling, Gabor Javorszky, Gilbert Pellegrom, Greg Ross, Iain Poulson, Ian M. Jones, Jeff Gould, Ryan McCue, and Samuel Sidler. Also, a special thanks goes to Hugo Baeta for the great logo!


If you want to follow along or help out, check out our repository on GitHub.

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GlotPress 1.0 Beta 1

The first beta of GlotPress as a WordPress plugin is now available! 🍾

Since the first meeting the current development team has achieved a lot. 81 Pull Requests were merged with more than 250 commits by 13 contributors! Now we need some help with testing what we have been working on.


This software is still in development. Consider setting up a test site just to play with the new version. Please read also the list of breaking changes.
If you have existing plugins for the standalone version take a look at this guide to convert them to WordPress plugins.

The beta can be downloaded in the plugin directory, just search for “GlotPress” and click the install button.


If you think you’ve found a bug, you can post to the issue tracker on GitHub.

The release of 1.0 is targeted for Januar 18th 2016.


Happy testing!


On January 14th @ 14:00 UTC we’ll have our next meeting. We’ll talk about our goals for 2016 – you’re invited!

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Reminder The fourth GlotPress as a WordPress Plugin…

Reminder: The fourth GlotPress as a WordPress Plugin chat happens on October 22th @ 13:00 UTC (tomorrow) in the #glotpress Channel on Slack.


Please go through the list of issues/PR’s and leave a :thumbsup: if you think something is OK or add comment if something should be changed. Thanks!


Agenda for the GlotPress as a WordPress Plugin chat on October 15th

Here’s the agenda for the GlotPress as a WordPress Plugin chat on October 15th @ 13:00 UTC in the #glotpress Channel on Slack.

1. New Issues

The goal is to set a release tag and owner, technical discussion of the issue can be done in the GitHub ticket.


  1. IS33 Prefix all GlotPress Action/Filters with “gp_”
  2. IS34 Database is only updated on plugin activation
  3. IS35 Replace $gpdb with $wpdb
  4. IS36 Recent merge of upstream changes conflicted with the assets move PR

2. New PRs

The goal is to make a decision if a pull request is:

  • ready to merge
  • not ready but should be targeted at the next release milestone
  • not ready and will be targeted at a future release milestone
  • will not be merged (declined)

Pull Requests:

  1. PR38 Allow GP to take over the root URL on the frontend
  2. PR44 Plugin prefix actions and filters
  3. PR45 Move install css
  4. PR46 Remove the $gpdb global and replace it with $wpdb
  5. PR47 Database is only updated on plugin activation
  6. PR48 Convert gp plugin system
  7. PR49 Merge upstream changes as of Oct 14 2015

3. Outstanding Issues/PR’s with 1.0 tag

The goal is to assign an owner if none exists, determine if it should still be targeted at the 1.0 release or postpone to a future release.

  1. IS1 Attempting to “import originals” times out [SergeyBiryukov]
  2. IS5/PR20 Remove GP_User [A5hleyRich]
  3. IS7/PR48 Convert GlotPress plugin system to WordPress [toolstack/Greg Ross]
  4. IS9 Backwards Compatibility []
  5. IS10 Allow GlotPress tables to have a table prefix independent of the WP table prefix [bradt]
  6. IS11/PR43 Merge upstream changes [ocean90]
  7. IS15/PR16 Make plugin translation ready [polevaultweb]
  8. IS19 Convert GP permissions to WP roles []
  9. IS21/PR22 Flush rewrite rules on plugin (de)activation []
  10. IS23/PR24 Convert scripts to WP-CLI commands []
  11. IS30/PR38 Allow GP to take over the root URL on the frontend [bjork]
  12. IS31/PR32 Unit tests [gilbitron]

4. Release Target

Discussion for a soft target for 1.0 release.

5. New Items/Technical Discussion/Open Discussion


Suggestions for any other agenda items can be posted in the comments.


(Thanks to Greg Ross for the agenda proposal.)