Would it make sense to rewrite GlotPress to…

Would it make sense to rewrite GlotPress to be a WordPress plugin? I think so and wouldn’t mind to take the lead in it. I think it would be an hugh improvement to see it as a plugin.

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Hi guys as @Zé mentioned before we need…

Hi guys, as @Zé mentioned before, we need to revive GlotPress development. I’m up to it and I’d like to contribute with my design skills and my experience as a user. Also, I’ve talked to some programmers I know who can contribute too. But where do we start from? I’ve read past posts from this blog and I noticed there were some efforts to improve the interface, among other things, but it seems they came to nothing. Why is that? So I think it’s a good idea to schedule a regular meeting on the IRC channel so we all can be updated on the development status, stablish priorities, etc, if there isn’t one yet. What do you think of it? @fmestrone, @nacin, @remkus and whoelse would like to help.

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When I started GlotPress one of its goals…

When I started GlotPress, one of its goals was to be a sandbox for ideas, which could eventually land in WordPress. Some of the experiments made it depart a little from the (Word|Back)Press code structure. Which can be a little bit for new-coming GlotPress contributors.

That’s why I started writing a HACKING file. It’s not complete, but it’s a start.

If you are developer, I would appreciate if you have a look and tell me if it made the architecture more clear. Or if it helped you find where some part of the code lives its happy life.

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