Upcoming improvements

In the next couple of weeks I’m trying to tackle some tickets and those are the following:

Currently I’m playing around in fixing some caching bugs reported by Milan Dinić in ticket #208. It’s an irritating bug what you only notice with Memcache on what is the case for translate.wordpress.org. Most important here is to have unit tests to test how it’s broken so you can fix it.

Another thing I want to work on is to have the ability to download a zip file with all translations of a project (#154). It’s a bit tricky because which projects that should be included. I guess a default of 100%. Also ticket #206 needs to be fixed what takes care of file naming. Mobile team needs to give feedback per platform.

Last one I want to tackle is ticket #149. The ticket is to not allow empty translations. It happens to me sometimes that I want to copy from original and instead add the translation or just press enter. There is a patch that I still want to commit after a check.