In the last couple of weeks several things…

In the last couple of weeks several things are fixed. Not what was on my list but still some major improvements that you guys like:

  • Export for resx format
  • Validation for when first translation is empty. Still need to get fixed for plurals
  • Added Last-modified support to the API for downloading a translation set
  • Change filename for po/mo files
  • Strings in RTL languages are now displayed from the right
  • Translations sets of a project can now be sorted. Still a little bit secret
  • Make project view 100% width when there are no subprojects
  • Fix some other minor things

Will check everything tomorrow that I didn’t break something and after that I will request that the changes are going to be applied on

Current focus is fixing the cache issues. Hopefully I’m able to write some unit tests for it in the next week.
Also hoping to fix empty translation for plurals and not exporting when one of them is empty.

Downloading as a zip file has no focus anymore. When most of the major issues are fixed we can look into that.