Redesign of GlotPress

It came to my mind that to get things further we might first need to make a redesign. So the plan is to work on that in January. The focus then is to make GlotPress a better collaborative place since that is the thing what it lacks now.

The most important thing is that we need to use user data to build the UI. So knowing which language the user translates for and which projects he likes. Having localization pages is one of the tasks that need to be done. I already blogged about it and Hugo Baeta already expressed his thoughts in 2011. He had some really good points there and after two years I guess we finally can work on those.

The idea is to make an plan on what pages are needed and what functionality should be provided. It should end up being a roadmap for the next year. When that is done and I got feedback on it, I will start working on the UI. I’m not a designer and I do need your help on this.

From there I can create tickets and build on the features. It’s not something that will be done in a few months but doing things step by step makes it really good to get feedback from the community and in the end to have a great product we all love and use.

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