Since the last update nothing special happend outside…

Since the last update nothing special happend outside our first IRL meetup. Changes since the last time are:

  • Setting the correct last PO-Revision-Data instead of the current time
  • Unit tests are fixed
  • Changed Uzbek to LTR
  • Added word-break & word-wrap to the translation table
  • Added wp_locale to Tibetan and Khmer
  • Added locales: Australian English and Spanish (Argentina)
  • Synced POMO library and made it GlotPress independent
  • Only load PHP files in the plugin folder
  • Always return JSON data when using the API

From next week I will start working more heavily on GlotPress and trying to tackle the WordCamp Europe results. This also means that running GlotPress in trunk will not be recommended for a while due some changes that need to be made. Nothing should break but it’s something you never know.