New Maintainer for GlotPress

It’s now 3 years after “Bunsen Honeydew”, the first GlotPress as a WordPress plugin version, has been released. Since (and before) this date a lot has been achieved to make GlotPress an easy and powerful open source tool to help translators collaborate.
Some highlights:It’s time to hand over the leadership reins…

  • 24 releases for the plugin version with the help of 43 contributors.
  • Introduction of more translation formats like Java properties, JavaScript and JSON.
  • Improved code base to better align with WordPress core to invite new contributors.
  • Enhanced glossaries including support for per locale glossaries.
  • Fruitful discussions and exploring of a new design.
  • Fine-tuned editor settings with more keyboard shortcuts and the ability to mark strings as fuzzy.
  • Customizability through the introduction of new hooks and WP-CLI support.
  • The switch to the plugin on, the largest public installation of GlotPress, and currently 400+ active self-hosted installs.
Until now GlotPress was maintained by myself (Dominik) with Greg Ross as a co-lead. During the last three years Greg was always a big help for me when it came to decisions or making a release. Today I’m happy to announce that Greg will continue on as the lead developer and maintainer of GlotPress, taking over my position with me stepping down to a supporter/contributor role. Greg has been involved in the WordPress community for over 6 years and has been working on GlotPress since the switch to the plugin, having started like so many contributors by fixing a bug and submitting a patch. I’m not going away completely, but I no longer want to cause unnecessary delays due to time constraints and shift in focus. So I’m creating space for others to step up and I trust Grey that he’ll continue making GlotPress an even better platform. And I hope you’ll support him as much as you can. Thank you.