Since we gain a bit more activity lately…

Since we gain a bit more activity lately due the fact that Yoav Farhi started to contribute back to GlotPress. One of the great things he did was building the glossary features which still needs some fine tuning but already looks really great. Because of this I would love to have a weekly or biweekly meeting and I would love to hear if you would like to see this and when it would fit best.

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WordCamp Europe meeting

In a few weeks WordCamp Europe will have it first edition and I would love to have a short meeting over there with people who are interested to join. To bad I couldn’t speak about it but within this meeting I would love to express my vision on the project and see what your opinion is. Maybe we can work together on your idea and make it happen.

I’m not sure yet when it will be planned. It depends on the schedule but it will most likely be lunch on saturday or sunday. But would love to have this as a start point to see what you guys think and if you are interested.


So Cátia posted a few weeks about a…

So Cátia posted a few weeks about a regular meeting on Thursday 20.00 GMT. Not a lot of response but nevertheless the first one will be on March 7. Hopefully you can make it. Also if someone can put a notice of the meeting in the sidebar I would appreciate that.

The items that I have on my list are:

  • Status of current plugin development
  • Setting the date/time for a bug scrub on current code base.
  • UI refreshments. What to do to make the current design more workable.

Curious what other things I missed but need to be covered.

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Today we discussed the current progress of GlotPress…

Today we discussed the current progress of GlotPress and wether we can port it to a “plugin not plugin” format, which basically means that it is not a regular plugin. There are still lots of concerns if a plugin makes sense to do, because of scaling and what we really gain with it.

Still, lots of people like the plugin idea and for the next two weeks we will try to make a proof of concept to show that issues like the current routing of urls to views can be solved. This doesn’t mean it will be a workable plugin. This development will taken place on After two weeks we will evaluate the current progress. Current team now is japheth, vinicius, marko, zé and ldebrouwer.

The issue was raised that a plugin will not help out the current lack of development progress. This is probably still something we need to think more about it. How can we solve the current lack of progress and get more contributors? We probably need to think more about this. Obviously current development will also be looked at, i.e. looking at current op tickets on the 1.0 branch and getting some of the tickets fixed.

Another issue that was raised is that GlotPress is missing a projectleader. Currently there isn’t a plan how the project’s progress will evaluated, and as mentioned this is something that bothers people. Also a development leadership is missing but this is something that can be done with the help of Nacin and Nikolay, who both know this project really well.



Hey Guys I would love to have a…

Hey Guys, I would love to have a meeting about the future of GlotPress and see how it goes from there. What do people think of Thursday 7th at 22pm GMT? I would love to talk about current development, the idea of having it as a plugin and having a regular meeting. Also I would love other things for the agenda.


Hi guys as @Zé mentioned before we need…

Hi guys, as @Zé mentioned before, we need to revive GlotPress development. I’m up to it and I’d like to contribute with my design skills and my experience as a user. Also, I’ve talked to some programmers I know who can contribute too. But where do we start from? I’ve read past posts from this blog and I noticed there were some efforts to improve the interface, among other things, but it seems they came to nothing. Why is that? So I think it’s a good idea to schedule a regular meeting on the IRC channel so we all can be updated on the development status, stablish priorities, etc, if there isn’t one yet. What do you think of it? @fmestrone, @nacin, @remkus and whoelse would like to help.

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